What is an M6 Disc Replacement Hybrid Surgery?

Often patients have one or more discs that are degenerated beyond what can be treated with Disc Replacement. These patients likely will be only offered fusion at all affected levels.

Unfortunately this fusion will place excess stress on the adjacent untreated discs and likely lead to future additional surgery.

Our international surgeons can offer a far superior solution by placing a fusion at the sever degeneration level and Disc Replacement above or below.

This allows for continued motion at the disc replacement level and eliminates the problems associated with adjacent levelĀ  degeneration following fusion surgery.

Many patients have had excellent results with this solution!


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M6 Cervical, Lumbar, Multi-Level and Hybrid Disc Replacement Surgery
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Hybrid Disc Replacement Fusion Surgery

Tammy had Hybrid Disc Replacement Surgery with L4-5 M6 Lumber Disc Replacement and L5-S1 Lumbar Fusion.

"I can not explained how incredible this experience has been, I know that I have a lot of hard work ahead of me but I have my life back!"