M6-C™ Disc Replacement

The M6-C™ artificial cervical disc is an innovative next-generation option for people needing artificial disc replacement as an alternative to spinal fusion. This unique product is designed to mimic your natural disc’s structure and movement, including backward and forward, up and down, side to side, and rotate left and right.

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M6-L™ Lumbar Disc Replacement

The M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement offers a "Quality of Motion" that is not present in any other implant we have seen!

Its innovative design incorporates an artificial nucleus to allow shock absorption and a woven fiber annulus for graded variable motion resistance in all directions.

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The M6 disc replacement is the only artificial disc that mimics the anatomic structure of a natural disc by incorporating an artificial nucleus and fiber annulus in its design. Like a natural disc, the unique design of the M6 disc allows for shock absorption and provides a controlled range of motion at the treated level. This “natural” motion is intended to provide you with the freedom to move your neck naturally.

The M6 Disc Replacement

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M6 Cervical, Lumbar, Multi-Level and Hybrid Disc Replacement Surgery